Throw N-Warm Moisture Super I-N Gray

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The secret of warmthWarm!With the "double" heat storage effect of fabric and padding.Moisture content is about five times that of ordinary polyester fabric! Soft and moisturizingDouble heat storage (fabric & padding)
& Warm-to-the-touch
Double heat storage (fabric & padding) & contact warmthThis is a warm blanket with special specifications: the heat generated by the moisture-absorbing yarn is stored in the heat-storing wadding, and the hollow wadding prevents it from escaping. It also comes with a newly adopted "Warm-to-the-touch" function! The N-Warm Moist Super is the perfect winter blanket!Comparison of volumeMoisturizes fluffily with about 5 times the moisture contentIt is thicker and warmer than ordinary throws.Fluffy and moisturizing with about 5 times the moisture contentAnti-static treatmentN-Warm Moist Super with added warmth and moisturizing function! Using a material with moisture content about five times higher than that of ordinary polyester fabric, it retains moisture fluently and feels moist and smooth on the skin.Reduces static electricity & doubled volume around the neckAnti-static treatmentSpecial yarn is used to reduce static electricity!���E�����E�����E��E���E�����E�����E�����E�����E�����E�� In addition, the padding around the neck is twice as thick as last year's, making it more voluminous. The long fur fits comfortably and securely around the neck, preventing heat from escaping.
oubled volume around the neck
  • Heat-storing fabric and padding = "Double" heat storage
  • Moisture-retaining fabric with a high moisture content
  • Longer pile and Warm to the touch that reduces the chilly sensation before going to sleep by drawing air into the surface
  • Moisture-retaining (edge and back fabric) Special yarn is used to reduce the static electricity
  • Moisture retention (lining and fabric)
  • Moisture absorption and heat generation (lining and fabric)
  • Heat storage function (lining and fabric, filling)

  • Materials:

    • Front: 100%Polyester
    • Fill: 100%Polyester


    • 50."W X 59.8"D

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