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Welcome to Aki-Home


Aki-Home is part of the long-term vision of our founder and chairman, Akio Nitori. His vision to create a worldwide retail company is now a reality with the introduction of Aki-Home to the United States. Aki-Home is the newest addition to his growing company, Nitori Holdings, Inc., that includes retail stores, product manufacturing, material sourcing, and logistics. This innovative supply chain allows for an efficient company structure to offer exceptional products at unexpected values to you—our customer.

Coordinate your home with style

The Aki-Home mission is to continue the success we have achieved in Japan. We offer exceptional values on stylish merchandise for your home—all in a convenient, relaxed, and fun shopping environment. Our stores showcase merchandise for all areas of your home: living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and more. Our store displays will inspire your inner designer and all products can be readily found in our easy-to-shop aisles.

At your service

The design and layout of our stores make it easy to get in and out - or to enjoy leisurely. Products are easy to find and our informative signs offer help in making decisions. Plus, our store teams are eager and ready to assist you. Our employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable. Our goal is to make every visit a memorable, pleasant experience.


Offering the Unexpected

Through our unique products, inspiring stores, and genuine customer service, Aki-Home offers the unexpected.

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The Aki-Home Story

Akio Nitori has been passionate about delivering the highest quality furniture to the people of Japan since 1967.  Now, he wants to 'return the favor to the teacher'.

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Akio Nitori understands the importance of giving back to the community.  Nitori Co., Ltd, Aki-Home’s parent company, engages in a wide variety of social programs and hopes to give back in ways that affect people immediately as well as for the future.

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Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd.

Nitori serves the customers at a variety of stores including stores which enable homeowners to coordinate their home according to their personal taste, stores which offer a full line-up of products focusing on interior goods for adding an accent to lifestyle, and shopping centers.

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