Stainless Hot Pot Shabu Shabu / Motsu 8.66 in.

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  • A stainless steel pot that can be quickly used for measuring.
  • Perfect for all kinds of hot pot dishes and outdoors, such as kimchi hot pot boiled tofu.
  • If you cook things with strong lye such as burdock, edible wild plants, spinach and beans, lye (tannin, etc.) contained in the food may react with the ingredients of stainless steel (iron) and cause discoloration.
  • If the product has strong lye, remove the lye completely.
    (Discoloration is not harmful.)
  • White spots may appear on the bottom of the pot because minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron contained in tap water remain and stick.
  • There is no sanitary problem even if you use it as it is.
  • The metal part will change color by heating, but this is the oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel that has changed color by heating.
  • This product does not produce harmful substances, so it can be used as is.
  • Body : Stainless Steel (Chrome 16%) (Bottom Thickness 0.02 ")
  • Handle : Stainless steel (17% chromium, 3.5% nickel, 6% manganese).
  • Dimensions (approx.) : 8.66 ".
  • Water capacity (approx.) : 0.61 gal.
    • Stainless


    • 10.83"W X 9.57"D X 3.9"H (27.5 X 24.3 X 9.9cm)
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