Light & Airy Down Comforter 

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Weight reduction of about 40%

40% weight reduction

The weight has been reduced by about 40% while maintaining the same or higher volume than regular products. You can feel the lightness the moment you put them on.

A perfect fit

keeps warm air from escaping

The outer fabric of the Karu-Fuwa series is soft and flexible. Because it gently conforms to the body, the opening area of the comforter can be reduced compared to conventional products, preventing cold air from entering through the shoulders. In addition, the quilted shape of the comforter fits the body better, so it does not peel off easily when you turn over, keeping you comfortable and warm.

Super light weight and
high density habitat


A light, thin, and smooth outer fabric was jointly developed with Teijin Limited. It is about 50% lighter than general down comforter fabrics. Although it is light and thin, its ultra-high density makes it difficult for dust mites and dust to penetrate, and its flexibility maximizes the down power of the feathers, resulting in fluffy volume.

duckdown goose down
duck down goose down for mobile


2021 Winter

2021 winter collection
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karu-fuwa comforter. super light weight flufy down.
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