Karu-Fuwa Super Light Weight Down Comforter Siberian Silver Goose Down 92% 768 Fill Power

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SKU 251024007200
The warmest Karu-Fuwa with 92% Siberian grey goose down.unprecedented lightness and fluffiness

Weight reduction of about 40%.

About 40% weight reduction The weight has been reduced by about 40% while maintaining the same or higher volume than conventional products. You can feel the lightness the moment you put them on. The calculation assumes that a typical down comforter is a single size with a down filling of 1,200g and a side fabric weight of 115g/m2 in a single layer.
*This is an approximate estimate of the weight of the fabric and feathers only.

Firm fit

Absorbing fitThe side fabric of the Karu-Fuwa series is soft and pliable. Because it gently conforms to the body, the opening area of the futon can be reduced compared to conventional products, preventing cold air from entering through the shoulders. In addition, the quilted shape of the futon fits the body better, so it does not peel off easily when you turn over, keeping you comfortable and warm.

Ultra-lightweight high-density fabric

Ultra-lightweight high-density fabricA light, thin, and smooth side fabric was jointly developed with Teijin Limited. It is about 50% lighter than ordinary down comforter fabrics. Although it is light and thin, its ultra-high density makes it difficult for dust mites and dust to penetrate, and its flexibility maximizes the down power of the feathers, resulting in fluffy volume.

30% increase in neckline and foot fill

30% more feathers at the collar and feetPlenty of feathers around the neck and feet to reduce gaps and keep warmth in. (*Comparison with the center part)

Fits around the neck and has a collar that rolls over.

Fits around the neck and has a flipped edgeNo seams at the collar and plenty of volume all the way to the edge. Prevents cold air from entering through the shoulders.

Complete two-layer system for better heat retention and fit

complete two-layer system for better heat retention and fitThe gusset allows more air to be warmed by body heat. Also, since there are no areas with驍オ・イ・つ€less feathers, it will retain more heat.

High quality Siberian gray goose down

High quality Siberian silver downThe Siberian region is a bitterly cold place, with temperatures reaching -40F in the winter. Birds in this region store feathers that retain moisture better than feathers in other regions to protect their bodies from the cold.

Over 768 fill power

Fill power is a unit that indicates the quality of feathers. The higher the value, the more puffy and warm the down will be.
  • 92% Grey Goose Down
  • Siberian down 92% Siberian feathers are used, and the filling and sewing are done in China.
  • Machine washable (use net)


  • Side fabric: 100% polyester
  • Filling: 92% down, 8% feather
  • Fill Weight Twin:2.2lb Full/Queen:3.2lb King:3.9lb


  • Twin: 63"W X 86"D X 3"H
  • Full/Queen: 86"W X 92"D X 3"H
  • King: 104"W X 92"D X 3"H

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⚠ WARNING: This products can expose you to chemicals including DEHP which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, For more inoformation, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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